Yesterday, we showed Shia LaBeouf doing a nude interpretative dance in a haunting, surreal five-minute music video. Today: Ryan Gosling getting down and funky at age 10 in a Mormon talent show. What’s next? Channing Tatum as a male stripper? Oh, wait – that’s what Magic Mike is about, isn’t it? Watch the video after the jump. Share: Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share [...]

One thing I never thought we’d see: Shia LaBeouf doing an interpretative dance wearing only underwear (when he isn’t nude or wearing what looks like ripped panty hose, that is). Actually, it’s a very cool, surreal short film written and directed by Alma Har’el. It’s set to a haunting piece of music, Fjögur Píanó by Sigur Rós. How cool is it? It’s cool enough to make me forgive LaBeouf for [...]

The Wall Street Journal poked into its archives and came up with this gallery of Harry Potter portraits the newspaper has run over the years. They were created by Randy Glass, a long-time Journal artist, over a period spanning 2001-2007. All are done using the stipple technique that long ago became a Journal. They show Daniel Radcliffe starting from the age of 12.  With the final installment of the Harry [...]

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