'White House Down' movie poster with Channing Tatum

Now that Olympus Has Fallen has done it’s thing – and done it very well, earning $33 million its opening weekend – Columbia has started releasing video promotional material for its similarly themed attack-on-the-White-House movie, White House Down.

You’ll find the first trailer for the movie below.

White House Down stars Channing Tatum as a D.C. policeman who, after being turned down for a Secret Service job protecting the President, gets to save the day when Washington is attacked by terrorists.

Jamie Foxx plays the President in the Roland Emmerich-directed thriller. The cast also includes Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Clarke, James Woods and Richard Jenkins.

This first trailer doesn’t really lay out the plot or characters very much, choosing instead to focus on spectacle – explosions at the White House, the Capitol dome collapsing, vehicles flipping over into swimming pools, jets being shot out of the air.

It all shows one of the advantages the movie has over Olympus Has Fallen – money. White House Down‘s reported $150 million budget is more than twice than the $70 million that Antoine Fuqua had to play with when he made Olympus Has Fallen. It looks like Emmerich has put the money on the screen, where it counts.

That and the more than three-month gap between movies may help it at the box office. It also would help out if White House Down gets a PG-13 rating rather than Olympus Has Fallen‘s more-restrictive R rating. The film, which opens June 28, has not yet been rated.


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