Mila Kunis was a good sport - Will Smith probably would've slapped the BBC reporter who asked questions like: 'Have you ever dropped trou" at a wedding?

Russell Crowe's career survived the phone incident and the Meg Ryan incident before that - can he survive the UFO incident?

Watch Saturday Night Live's Quentin Tarantino parody starring Christoph Waltz as a revenge-seeking Jesus.

This video feature about Stoker is as unsettling as the trailer, which - along with Park Chan-wook directing - helped earn this movie a spot on our must-see list for 1013.

Harvey Weinstein blames himself for Quentin Tarantino not getting a Best Director Oscar nomination for Django Unchained, but he's not giving up on an award for the script. Watch the star-studded, 9-minute video praising Tarantino's script.

Here are the 20 top 2013 movies that we're most looking forward to seeing in theaters. We've assembled story information and also movie trailers and photos where available.

Warm Bodies is a new zombie movie with heart. Watch the first four minutes of the romantic comedy that may change the way you look at zombie movies.

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