Sick of seeing the same old scenes in every movie Hollywood produces?

Spice things up!

Ah, the movies, the penultimate form of entertainment for families on a night out, lovers on their first date, and kids playing hookie. Maybe it’s because we’ve had full-length feature films since The Story of the Kelly Gang in 1906, or maybe Hollywood’s well has just dried up, but it seems as though we’ve seen everything producers and directors can come up with, hasn’t it?

According to Short of the Week, 8 out of 10 of the top-grossing films in the US in 2011 were sequels, and the other 2 were, guess what, superhero movies – adaptations of already-written stories. In 1981, there were 7 original films in the Top 10, and in 2011, there were none.

While this may not necessarily be Hollywood’s fault, and these movies we’re seeing being released and re-released might have something new to offer, certain elements of the movies are just old, tired, and predictable. But if you’re a movie junkie like us and need to get your movie fix, but still want to have an extra dose of fun, here’s an idea: Movie Cliche Bingo.

Bingo’s been around since time immemorial. Well, not really, it’s only been in the US since 1929, but the game remains pretty popular. The game has evolved a lot since its conception, and now, instead of the game being solely for grandmothers hanging around for Thursday Night Bingo, we have Hamburger Mary’s Legendary Bingo Night, for men, women, and everyone in between, and online bingo games with movie inspired Greek gods on Bingogodz. Bingo is making its way into our very consciousness, and here’s a game that can help it along its merry way.

The first step is to download the Movie Cliche Bingo card from Brendoman - or, you could create your own from the list of clichés over at – and print it out. Hand a copy to your favorite movie bud and look over the boxes to see if you’ve watched scenes falling into any of those categories. If you have, then cross it out. Then, go out and see any of the movies out on the big screen right now and cross out a box each time a scene matches the description on the box. Unlike regular bingo, the first one to complete all the boxes wins! You’d be surprised how fast you’ll end up crossing out those boxes while going through the movies released this year! Have fun!

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