Mississippi this month officially ratified the 13th Amendment, which outlaws slavery. Thank Steven Spielberg's Lincoln for that.

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A congressman criticized inaccuracies in Lincoln and found himself responding to suggestions of a conspiracy involving Argo.

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Lincoln Trailer: Steven Spielberg's movie about Abraham Lincoln will focus on the 16th president's final months.

Dreamworks has released the poster for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming, long-gestating Abraham Lincoln movie. That’s Daniel Day-Lewis beneath the make up, in case you can’t tell. Share: Blog this! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Subscribe to the comments on this post Tell a friend

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If you’re like me, you’ve heard and read about film restoration a thousand times but never really explored what it means or how it done. As a LA-based film reporter for the Los Angeles Times in the late-1990s, I spent lots of time interviewing visual effects artists, editors, sound mixers, directors, actors, costume and set directors and cinematographers, but not once did I ever talk to a film restorer. The [...]

So you thought Daniel Day Lewis looks nothing like Abraham Lincoln, didn’t you? Are you one of those who imagined he’d have to rely upon the genius of his ACTING to make us BELIEVE he was our tragic and unhandsome 16th president? Well, think again. Dreamworks on Wednesday released this first image from Steven Spielberg’s upcoming Abraham Lincoln biography, Lincoln, which opens in limited release on November 9, expanding November [...]

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It remains to be seen how much Megan Fox will be missed from the upcoming Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (we’re guessing not much), but now we’ve got a better idea why she’s gone. Oh, sure, we know we know she left to “pursue other acting opportunities” shortly after she dissed the director, Michael Bay, comparing him to Hitler in a British magazine interview in 2009. That caused a [...]

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