Warner Bros. is offering an exclusive offer to people who re-order The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. You get the Blu-ray/DVD combo package plus a poster at a discounted price.

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Argo, the favorite to win the Oscar for Best Picture, is out now on home video, along with Anna Karenina and Monsters Inc., in a special 5-disc edition.

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The Avengers, a box set collection of all 22 James Bond movies and a new animated version of Frank Miller's 'Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Part 1' are out today on Blu-Ray and DVD.

A restored version of David Lean's director's cut of 'Lawrence of Arabia' will return to theaters on Oct. 4, preceding release of a Blu-Ray edition of Lean's masterpiece starring Peter O'Toole.

A number of deleted scenes from Marvel’s The Avengers have found their way online in recent days ahead of the upcoming Avengers Blu-Ray release. Our vote for the most intriguing deleted scene so far is a somber alternate opening in which Agent Hill (Cobie Smulders) is being interrogated – after the movie’s battles are over and New York City lies in ruins – about what went wrong. It’s easy to see [...]

If you’re like me, you’ve heard and read about film restoration a thousand times but never really explored what it means or how it done. As a LA-based film reporter for the Los Angeles Times in the late-1990s, I spent lots of time interviewing visual effects artists, editors, sound mixers, directors, actors, costume and set directors and cinematographers, but not once did I ever talk to a film restorer. The [...]

Stanley Kubrick fans have had few opportunities to see his first feature film. He intended Fear and Desire, a 1953 war movie, as a poetic, European-style meditation on the state of man. The movie had champions, but Kubrick later dismissed it as “a bumbling amateur film exercise” and tried to keep it from being seen. The movie was pulled from theaters shortly after its release and was never properly released [...]

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