Young Ryan Gosling dancing on stage with his sister Mandi

Yesterday, we showed Shia LaBeouf doing a nude interpretative dance in a haunting, surreal five-minute music video. Today: Ryan Gosling getting down and funky at age 10 in a Mormon talent show.

What’s next? Channing Tatum as a male stripper? Oh, wait – that’s what Magic Mike is about, isn’t it? Watch the video after the jump.

The Gosling video starts with the youngster singing “When a Man Loves a Woman” on stage. Truthfully, he’s no young Michael Jackson, or even Donny Osmond.

But when he starts dancing with his sister Mandi, Gosling seems to be channelling M.C. Hammer. He’s has got the moves, though he does sometimes seem to be dancing independently of the beat. Still, it’s impressive stuff.

Vulture unearthed the footage. We tip the hat to The Wrap for bringing it to our attention.

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