'Branded' movie still

I’m old enough that when I hear “Branded” I think of the 1960s TV show that starred Chuck Connors. He was a former U.S. calvary captain who travels the West trying to restore honor to his name after being falsely court martialed for cowardice after he is the lone survivor of an Indian battle.

'Branded' movie poster

I don’t remember much about it beyond the theme song and the highly memorable way the show opened every week.

The new sci-fi thriller Branded has nothing to do with that show. It’s a low-budget thriller that apparently takes today’s reality – in which marketers evade our defenses and infiltrate our minds in order to sell their products – and turns it into a science-fiction concept.

“We have completed the first step,” Max Von Sydow crows in the trailer, a glass of champagne in hand. “We have begun to alter consumers’ minds.”

Here is the trailer for the new movie. Beneath that, you’ll see the opening of the Chuck Connors TV show.

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