Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in 'Looper'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt comes face-to-face with himself as a middleaged man in Looper, a sci-fi thriller about assassins and one time-jumping victim who refuses to cooperate.

That’s why Gordon-Levitt’s character, Joe, comes to meet his older self. The futuristic mob that Joe works for sends a new victim his way, but what Joe sees when he looks into his victim’s eyes makes him hesitate. You’d hesitate, too, if you learned at the same instant that 1) you’re going to grow up to become Bruce Willis, and 2) you have to kill yourself, even though you’re not feeling particularly suicidal.

You’ll find the trailer and a new movie clip after the jump.

The trailer is pretty much self explanatory. Maybe the clip is, too. Apparently, after the shock of their first meeting (and the shock of Willis kicking the tail of his young self in that corn field), the two men meet again over cups of coffee in a diner. That’s gotta be weird.

This meeting doesn’t end all that prettily for young Joe, either.

Looper also stars Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo and Jeff Daniels. It’s written and directed by Rian Johnson, who directed Gordon-Levitt in Brick seven years ago and lately has directed some episodes of Breaking Bad on AMC.

Looper opens wide on Sept. 28.

Here is the trailer and the clip.





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