'The Dark Knight Rises' parody cartoon movie still

I enjoyed this parody The Dark Knight Rises video more – much more – than I enjoyed the movie. The folks at How It Should Have Ended did an animated cartoon that pokes fun at all the silliness in Christopher Nolan’s last Batman movie.

What do I mean by silliness? You know what I mean – the silliness that many people either chose to ignore or didn’t recognize because the ominous music, dark lighting and serious-sounding talk made the film seem, well, ominous, dark and serious.

I’m talking about the silliness like why Batman, after eight years of limping around Wayne Manor on a cane in superhero retirement, would go into battle with Bane with no more potent weapon than a device that turns off the lights. I mean, when you try to hit a guy and he grabs your fist in mid-air and starts talking smack, that’s a sign that you’d better either run or reach deep into our utility belt – fast – for a weapon that’s not laughable. Either that, or you get your back broken.

Oops. Was that a spoiler?

If you haven’t yet seen The Dark Knight Rises and want to see it unpoiled, you’d better not watch the video. But if you haven’t seen the movie, you probably won’t find the video all that funny anyway, so…

By the way, you might want to sit through the credits.

I’d never heard of How It Should Have Ended until yesterday. It’s a cool outfit that makes animated cartoon parodies about movies. You should check them out.

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