Tom Cruise stars in 'Rock of Ages'

The Numbers is predicting a possible 60 percent drop for Prometheus this weekend. The site attributes it to the “Fanboy Effect,” presumedly meaning that last week’s opening weekend numbers were inflated by rabid fans clamoring to see the highly anticipated sci-fi movie on opening weekend.

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, last weekend’s box office champ, is expected to win again this weekend, with Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy vying for second place.

While The Numbers says a $20 million gross for Prometheus this weekend is possible, the site is being charitable and predicting $23 million, only slightly less than the $23.5 that Box Office Mojo is predicting for Ridley Scott’s first foray into science fiction since Blade Runner thirty years ago.

Prometheus is a prequel to Scott’s 33-year-old Alien, the movie that launched the long-running Alien movie franchise. Scott, however, did not make any of the sequels. This is his first time time trodding this ground since the original movie.

This sparked tremendous enthusiasm among sci-fi fanatics who count the original Alien and Blade Runner as landmarks in movie science fiction. Reaction to Prometheus, however, has been mixed.

It could become the first of the Alien franchise to earn $100 million domestically, but despite all the hype and debate that Prometheus has engendered the movie isn’t likely to do much better than that ultimately. It seems to be losing steam.

The Numbers predicts it will reach the $100 million mark by the end of next week.

Prometheus opened in second place last weekend, earning $51 million. It could drop to fourth place this weekend.

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