Detail from deleted scene of 'Prometheus'

A lot of the conversation and debate about Prometheus has been much more interesting than the movie, which struck me as an intellectually hollow commercial vehicle that was deliberately (even brazenly) designed to stir up just this kind of debate. I’m ready to move on (and box office figures this weekend will show whether most people agree with me).

Still, I can’t pass up sharing this photo taken from a scene that was cut from the movie. I’ve posted the full photograph after the jump. It shows an elderly being, one of the so-called ‘engineers,’ that isn’t shown in the released movie.

Prometheus: The Art of FilmThe scene apparently was clipped from the movie’s opening. I don’t want to say much more about the opening because I suspect many people would rather experience it before reading a description of it. But the movie shows a solitary figure from another planet in an important moment. The muscular, snowy white man is of a race that the earthlings in the movie call “engineers” because they believe these beings were responsible for life on Earth.

Shadowy concept art from the book Prometheus: The Art of Film show a shadowy, priest-like figure standing with the younger being who still figures in the movie’s first scene. But this image (from Prometheus Forum) gives a clear picture of what the older figure looks like.

Reportedly, more than 28 minutes of deleted scenes will be included on the Prometheus Blu-Ray.

If you click through to Prometheus Forum, you’ll also see lots of behind-the-scenes including shots of techicians applying the beings’ make up.


A shot from a deleted scene of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'

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