January is Hollywood’s dumping ground, so it shouldn’t matter that we waited until Jan. 30 to post our list of 2013 new movies that we’re most looking forward to seeing.  We’re posting our 20 most-anticipated upcoming movies list just in the nick of time, though, because some great-looking films are just around the corner. Two of the movies we most want to see this year open next week, in fact.

20 upcoming movies we most want to seeWe’ve done an entire section on upcoming 2013 films we most want to see. You’ll find it here.

But first thing’s first. We couldn’t stop laughing while watching the trailer for Identity Thief, the only flat-out comedy to make the list of 2013′s most anticipated movies. Yeah, we know, the studio likely packed all the funny stuff into the trailer. And Melissa McCarthy is back in June – with Sandra Bullock – in The Heat, which also looks funny, but we’re betting, sight unseen, that Identity Thief will firmly establish McCarthy as the comedy star of 2013, and Jason Bateman looks like her perfect foil. (The Heat, by the way, was just pushed back to June from an initial April release date.)

Also opening next week is Steven Soderbergh’s Side Effects. On the surface, this looks like another one of the director’s real-issue medical dramas on the order of Contagion, his 2011 movie about a lethal airborne virus.

In fact, however, Side Effects is a surprising psychological thriller. (If anyone ties to tell you anything about the story, cover your ears – the less you know, the better.)  The new movie stars Rooney Mara, Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum.

But enough talk. View the slideshow above to see our list and click through to view plot information and also movie trailers and photos where available.

Or bypass the slideshow and go straight to our special 2013 Film section.

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